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New Album "Blood"


Release date: 19.09.2014



Standard CD Edition:



•    CD in 6-panel digipak
•    24-pages booklet
Limited 2CD Special Edition:





•    Opulent double CD
•    Hardback book
•    Black front and rear endpapers
•    40 pages, (14 x 21 cm approx)
•    Booklet consisting of paper and blood red, transparent foil
•    High grade art print on high quality art paper with durable thread stitching
•    Booklet includes all lyrics and additional artwork
•    Two exclusive tracks
•    Three exclusive remixes
•    Strictly limited to 2000 copies










Black is the sanctuary of light

What follows when you leave space behind? When you move into worlds beyond time and space? When quantum mechanics made it possible to venture into seemingly strange dimensions? In 2013, Project Pitchfork dwell on these questions and answer them already with the title of their newest album “BLACK” without losing themselves in the process: “In the emptiness of space, the biggest of all suns could shine right behind you but your eye would only behold utter darkness” - and with “BLACK”, Project Pitchfork enlighten these hidden worlds of our reality.

As tempting and as classic this name may be, as thought-provoking is the message behind it. With “BLACK”, Project Pitchfork celebrate their rank as leaders of a genre they themselves have founded. Again, they emerge utterly surprisingly from the darkness as they did with the predecessors “Continuum Ride” and “Quantum Mechanics”. These works alone kept the Dark Electro movement alive – and this will be the case in 2013 as well: Like the engine of the scene, the band still is in the midst of an unrivaled creative era supplying the blackish fire of Dark Electro with new fuel. And thanks to “BLACK”, this flame is shining brighter than ever before.

Epic and anthemic is Project Pitchfork's return – laden with moving hymns, timeless melodies, poetic and deep lyrics. Pitchfork are masters in refining their characteristics. But as always, their immortal trademark sounds lurks in the new material and unites with ever new impulses to form an explosive cocktail of sound shrouding the Electro world in a novel, fascinating light. Tracks like “Black Sanctuary”, a passionate and monumental giant of a song, or “The Circus” with its otherworldly, surreal atmosphere show Project Pitchfork as a being transcending time and space and building a new home for the deepest black.

Inspiring as ever, driven by sheer passion and armed with a feeling for great compositions, “BLACK” proves above all that Project Pitchfork are the grandmasters of this genre. Massive and thrilling, the Dark Electro saviours explore their broad sound continuum more thoroughly than ever before – and bring some of their strongest moments back to earth from the blackness. Pitch-black, fascinating and groundbreaking. Welcome to the sanctuary of light!


ATTENTION: The album is published in two editions

Standard CD Edition:



  • CD in 6-panel digipak
  • 28-pages booklet
Limited 2CD Special Edition:
(Strictly limited to 2,000 copies)




  • Opulent double CD (14 x 21 cm approx)
  • Hardback book, bound in cloth
  • Lettering and title screenprinted in vintage style
  • Black foilblocked scrying mirror
  • Embossed PROJECT PITCHFORK logo
  • Special CD trays made from black paper
  • Front and rear endpapers (black 260g Boston paper)
  • 36 pages, high grade art print on high quality 130g art paper with lavish Singer® sewn signatures
  • Booklet includes all lyrics and additional artwork
  • Two exclusive tracks
  • Three exclusive remixes







Quantum Mechanics - Project Pitchfork

"The Dark Electro titans take the festivities surrounding their 20th anniversary one step further and present an album that is nothing less than a quantum leap vehemently stirring the space-time continuum. PROJECT PITCHFORK enter an era of unparalleled creativity and deliver a massive Dark Electro meltdown as versatile as seldom before – an unbeatable time travel through past, present and future of dark electronics that will instantaneously rise to the top of PROJECT PITCHFORK’s aureate album cosmos."

"A perfect balance between the endless infinity of space and the warmth of humanity."


"Radical, edgy and aggressive as in Radical Business, melancholic and dark as in the title track or iconic and masterly as in Freeze in Silence that should be passed as the new basic law of Dark Electro: Quantum Mechanics stays true to its title and proves to be a darkly electronic transit into a new era. Superior, visionary and deeply fascinating – PROJECT PITCHFORK get better every year!"

ATTENTION: The album is published in two editions:

 Standard CD Edition:
quantum mechanism standard
  • CD in 6-panel digipak
  • 28-pages booklet

Limited 2CD Special Edition:
(Strictly limited to 2,000 copies)

 mechanism quantum special 

  • Double-CD in book format (appr. 14 x 21 cm)
  • 2 exclusive tracks: Tempest and Insomnia
  • 3 exclusive remixes of Freeze In Silence, Run For Cover and Lament
  • One exclusive instrumental version of Quantum Mechanics
  • Book in hardcover-paperback-cover with elaborate Singer thread stitching
  • 40-pages extra-booklet, precious artprint on high-quality paper
  • Including all lyrics and additional artwork
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FIRST ANTHOLOGY - out on March 25th 2011

In the summer of 2010, Project Pitchfork put us through their infernally intense Dark Electro journey named "Continuum Ride". It was nothing less than the temporary climax of a matchless career that dates back to the year 1991 and boasts impressive cornerstones: Two decades of musical history, 13 studio albums, hundreds of gigs and countless cover stories lie behind mastermind Peter Spilles and his comrades Dirk "Scheubi" Scheuber and Jürgen Jansen. And still not even the faintest sign of fatigue, as the groundbreaking quality of "Continuum Ride" or a fantastic rank 21 in the German Album Charts impressively prove.

In 2011, the full steaming Project Pitchfork machinery pauses for a moment to look back. Almost exactly 20 years ago, the first Project Pitchfork album "Dhyani" was released, a seminal work of German Dark Electro and one of the genre's early milestones.


Appropriately to this anniversary, Project Pitchfork release the lavishly equipped compilation "FIRST ANTHOLOGY" and invite to the most extensive and extraordinary journey through the first ten years of their history - from their very early steps to the founding of their label Candyland Entertainment up until their time with the major company East West.

Two brimful CDs feature a total of 31 tracks from the first Project Pitchfork decade. But instead of simply sweeping the tracks together without giving them so much as a glance, every single song has been remastered and adapted to today's production possibilities -with a special attention on conserving the atmosphere and characteristic sound inherent to the original versions. Consequently, "K.N.K.A.", one of the first Project Pitchfork tracks everstands side by side with the ecstatic sound realms of the new millennium present in titles like the immortal "Timekiller".



Besides laborious reworks of unforgettable classics like "Existence" or "Endzeit", the compilation also features the brand new track "Burning" that has been exclusively written for this release, once more underlining the band's extraordinary status. 

No question: Project Pitchfork wrote Dark Electro history. But only the impressive thickness of timeless songs and the extensive biography in the luxurious booklet make clear how important this band really is for the Gothic/Electro scene. "FIRST ANTHOLOGY" is nothing less than a summarized Dark Electro history in 31 chapters, a musical journey through the opus of a groundbreaking band whose songs have lost nothing of their impact. 
As Project Pitchfork retrospective and history of a genre combined, "FIRST ANTHOLOGY" is an essential collection of influential songs. This is all you need to know about Dark Electro.


 ATTENTION: the album is published in 2 editions as well as in a special collector's edition.   >>     Discover them HERE!




Continuum Ride

The new Album Out now!



"Dream, Tiresias!" was only the beginning. A serious shot across the bow for all those who already saw Project Pitchfork heading for an early retirement. In 2010, Peter Spilles takes the gloves off and gets down to business: Little more than a year after the impressive success, the Dark Electro pioneer prepares for the mightiest strike so far. Seemingly out of nothing, Project Pitchfork fire "Continuum Ride" out of their orbit.

Hold tight when the living Electro legend takes off to a wild ride through the space-time continuum, to a journey through the cosmos of their own past, present and future. Instead of relying on old habits and the reverse gear, the oiled Pitchfork machine even shifts up a gear or two and refines the unique sound of their early masterpieces with a surprisingly modern diversity of ideas and a talent for big emotions that will transform every fervent worshipper of the pre “Timekiller” era into sheer rapture. Tears of joy guaranteed.

Behind the stainless and admirable atmospheric production, “Continuum Ride” offers shelter for tormented souls and a hideaway for all those plagued by soulless Electro commandos. “Beholder” with these smartly marching beats and its synth virtuosity, the hypnotizing hookline in “Dead Cities”, a gripping salute to their own past, or the monumental “Way Of The World” which will be defining a whole scene from now on: This infernally intense Electro trip makes you instantly forget time and space.

A Dark Electro release that is more monumental, more epic and more atmospheric is impossible to imagine. The scene has a new reference milestone – and Project Pitchfork again sit on the throne. Long live the king!




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